Retail Application for Fashion, Home Goods, Electronics, Toys, Books and many others

Our simple to deploy platform is a great fit for retailers of all kinds. It provides useful benefits for shoppers such as planning their shopping, getting opinions from family and most importantly recommendations from experts/fashionistas nominated by the retailer. Your brand stays in conversation and helps you reduce your Social Media Marketing costs while increasing sales. Contact us for a pilot opportunity.

Application for Mall Operators

Malls are fun. Malls are social. DoTogether branded platform for mall operators is a great solution for malls to stay connected with their community and shoppers. Individual tenant shops can get a place on your facebook mall and can load new arrivals with the ease of their mobile phone. Shoppers can plan their shopping well ahead and get most out of their mall trip buy browsing all the local shops online in one central place. This can be realized as an additional revenue stream for Mall operators.

Social Auto Mall with Dealer, Mechanic Shop and Auto financing Participation

We can power a Social Auto Mall to discover quality used cars. Dealers and Mechanic shops in certain areas can connect with shoppers and offer advise and inspection before one steps out to see the cars. Car Enthusiasts can help shoppers guide on used car recommendation.

Travel, Tourism and Hotel Industry

With ever more exciting destinations and packages available these days, a perfect way to discover and shop such services is with our Social Platform. Expert local users can recommend hotels and travel packages. Easy to form a travelling group. New models like AirBnb makes our discovery model even more relevant.

Application for Real Estate Research with Agent Participation

Real Estate agents know that selling real estate is a complex transaction. Buyers often forget the details of the homes they have seen when they go out looking. Buyers are also doing lot more research online that the agent has no visibility into. By offering the buyers collaborative planning tools available in our platform, buyers can do their online research and give insights to the agent about what types of homes are they prefering. Buyers can also see all the pictures side by side in the DoTogether shopping list. And our flagship collaborative real time features lets buyers come to decision sooner. The experience can be configured completely privately, but still on Facebook without having to create accounts in other systems.

Application for Indie Designers, Fashion Schools

Websites are great but as any emerging designer knows, the start of their branding happens with word of mouth. They just cannot compete with the SEO dollars online. Our platform is an ideal fit for a group of indie designers or perhaps even fashion schools to offer a social platform to launch design careers backed with commerce. Our simple to use and fun tools make it a breeze for young designers to get started with their brand while staying focused on their core design skills.