Our Team

Rahul Pandhe, Founder and CEO

Rahul Pandhe is an experienced Web and Social Media Entrepreneur with a deep knowledge of online retail and the power of people-driven marketing through social recommendations which is now the foundation of DoTogether.com. Rahul was one of the architects of the early online video rental and sales site Reel.com in Berkeley,CA before it was acquired by Hollywood Video. He then went on to found GiftWisdom.com. Rahul is a Computer Science & Engineering major from Universtiy of Pune, India. Rahul has also done consulting work for Finance, Health Care and the Hi-Tech verticals.

Bhushan Khaladkar, Co-Founder and COO

Bhushan Khaladkar is an experienced Technology Executive with an extensive background in enterprise software and delivering world class software solutions used across different industries such as retail, banking, automotive and education among others. He worked at Oracle managing software development and developed a leading XML Database product. In his prior career, Bhushan was the principal engineer in Telsoft Inc., which was later acquired by Keen.com. Bhushan has a M.S Computer Science from Santa Clara University and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Business.