How It Works

How DoTogether Works

A simple 4 step guide to use Do Together. Demo


Your first step

Amanda is looking for a digital camera & logs into DoTogether Facebook Application accessible from website or Facebook Fan page. She starts a shopping list to research her camera options. The shopping list stays acessible inside Facebook where she is a regular vistor. Convenient.


Your second step

She can shop alone and organize her research in a shareable shopping list. She can also post a help request to the friends, fan network or individual authorized experts. A help request on the Retailer Wall can jump start engagement by the fan community. Fans are earning valuable points.


Your third step

Friends and experts log into DoTogether Application, review what Amanda has selected, comment on it and look for a camera they like and suggest to Amanda as an alternative. All this while they still inside facebook. Frictionless. Customer Service reps get insight into the critical decision making process of the shoppers.


Your fourth step

Amanda and all the friends tuned into the activity get real time updates and suggestions from each other and other experts. Amanda is able to make a smart purchase decision quicker. Everyone is engaging with products. Increaseng the odds of more purchases.