Do More With Facebook

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Your Facebook Customer Engagement Platform

Fully hosted Facebook Application. Fully managed by us. Starting at just $500 based on your business size. Configured with your branding. Linked to your fan page and website. Everyone, including fans can engage with your products. Very effective for word-of-mouth marketing. Designed such that your community can operate it with minimal intervention from you.

Starting a new business, skip website and try our platform.

Pre Purchase Decision Making Tool for your customers

Customers can use this platform to plan their shopping. Compare items side by side. Get help from friends, family and even experts on blogs and forums who may not be their friends. You get visbility into their pre-purchase decision making process.

Shared Collaborative Shopping Lists

Shared Shopping Lists makes it very easy to collaborate with others in a game like way.

Multi-Retailer Mall Or Single Shop Configuration

Your Facebook Application can be configured to have multiple retailers like a boutique mall. Gives you a great opportunity to work with your partners to provide full service to your customers. Also great for new businesses to start, if you have friends with similar interests. Your Facebook Application can also be configured traditionally with just one retailer products.

Product Catalog

You can leverage our own product catalog to get your quickly started. Unlimied products. Or we can do custom catalog api integration with your catalog.

Paypal Integrated Shopping Cart (option for small businesses)

To quickly get everything you need to start your full ecommerce site, we have integrated Paypal Checkout.

Product Link Back to your website

Use our platform as a lead generation to your website. Users are redirected to your website for checkout or more information.

Integration with Fan Page and your website

A constant feed of community activity can be published on your Fan Page or Website with just basic HTML skills. This can significantly increase stickyness to your site plus increase registration. Convert visitors to registered users.

Daily Deals Engine

We can configure a daily deals engine for you that compiles a deals email and sends to your email subsribers.


Loyalty Points is all the new trend. When others come to help, everyone earns points. Users can redeem points for special offers that you can email them.

Style Advisors

As a small business or even big business, you have a network of affiliates, bloggers who help customers with ideas. Our platform is perfect for them to interact with real users on a personal level and provide valuable help while earning referal income for converted leads.

Customer Service

It's always easy to offer good Customer Service when the real Customer identities are known. Small businesses thrive on local customers and this feature is perfect to make customers happy.


Social media data can be huge. For small businesses our platform runs on its own without you having to preoccupy yourself with lots of data. You just have to deal with leads and real customer queries. However if you are data driven Company we provide many canned reports plus make the entire Social Analytics Data available for your dataware housing solution.

* New User Signup Report
* Active Users Report - For a period
* Active Shopping Lists Report - For a period
* Shopping List Summarized Insights (user, list, number of items, number of recommendations, number of people helping) - For a period
* Shopping List with More than N users or items - For a period
* Shopping List Item Detail Report - For a period
* Click Through/Referrer Report - For a period
* Full Data Extract - For a period