About Us

A Customer Engagement Platform on Facebook

You have fans. Are you getting the most out of them? How do you scale your social media initiatives? Engage your customers, fans, bloggers, affiliates & sales associates with DoTogether Hosted Facebook Applications. Frictionless experience right inside facebook. Get the ROI you are looking for. The community does the lead generation while reducing your efforts.


Leverage your fans. Get the products into conversation.

Are your fans just sitting by the side just responding to posts. Reward them to engage with your products. Thats when you can increase your conversion rate. Recognize your active fans, loyal customers with badges. Let them help your shoppers right inside facebook with actual product recommendations. Shoppers get the help they need, the fans earn points.


Customer Service & Interaction

Your Customer Service Associates get full visibility into this pre-purchase activity. They can help, upsell or offer private promotions. Get analytics to tune your marketing campaigns and promotions. Get information about the products being recommended and talked about.


A Community around your products

Quick and relevant product discovery is what your customers want in todays overcrowded market. Their decisions are made simple when your community is helping them. As the community interacts with your products, the likelyhood of sales increases. All this while reducing your own Social Media Costs.